Tips & Tools

Check your credit score with the three big credit bureaus. 

Equifax Information Services, LLc      800.685-1111

Experian   888.Experian

TransUnion LLC  Consumer Disclosure Center  800-888-4213

The FICO credit score reflects dozens of parameters in one's financial history. 

Score 700 850 smooth loan process; best interest rates

Score 550-699  medium risk; higher interest rates

Score 300-549 sorry, no loans or credit cards

When talking financing know your score.  Make sure there are no errors.   If you find errors contact the creditor and notify the credit bureau of your dispute.

What helps:  Pay all bills on time.

Keep balances well below the limit.

Pay more than the minimums.

Long-term credit history.

What hurts:  Too many credit cards.

High non-mortgage debt.

Delinquent accounts.

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